Present, Active, and Not Waiting

This message has a few additions to my normal message of Being Purposeful, Acting with Integrity, and Building Your Character. It came to me as I was thinking about a message I wanted to send to students one day during an assembly. It was about expectations. Not just the expectations we as teachers and parents have for them, but those they have for themselves. In today’s world of distractions it is becoming increasingly important for all of us to both model and stress the act of being present, active, and not waiting. In other words…

  • Be present. Put the phone away, enjoy the moment for what it is rather than worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. Enjoy the time you have.
  • Be active. You have to do more if you want to become more. Life is not about being static. It is about taking action and working with the consequences of that action. If you don’t act; you will never have anything to move forward to and become stagnant. Mediocrity is another word for falling behind while remaining comfortable.
  • Don’t wait. Do not hesitate if you ever have an opportunity to do something special that you have never tried before. You never know how great you can be until you get there. Many great people have looked back only to scratch their head at the thought they could have ever gotten there in the first place.

Check out the video, give it a listen, and think about your daily schedule. It is my weekly video message that I place in the school’s newsletter and speaks to this post. Remember that in the end, it is about everyone deciding whether or not they are going to be a better version of themselves. We all know this to be true, but either don’t act on it or don’t admit it.

In a time when parents see the success of their own students as a direct reflection of their success as a parent; I often wonder how much we think about whether or not we are modeling how to live a happier more successful life.  In the end, true success isn’t about luck.  It’s about hard work, dedication, and and the determination to be better…one step at a time.  Now make your decision, model what is right, and surprise yourself with the results.


Thanks for reading, watching, and considering following! I would like to hear any surprising results you have had!

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