Continuous Improvement Instead of Overnight Success

How often has the following scenario happened to you?

We look at the accomplishments of other people and get a little motivated. We think of what we would like to accomplish, set out to get it done, and then, when we do not find that big amount of success right away, we get down on ourselves and quit.  Then it becomes “excuse time”.  It is so much easier to convince ourselves why we didn’t accomplish something then it is to get clarity through all the noise of life. If we see all the opportunities provided to us we get used to the idea that something will always be offered.  Therein lies the issue.

continuous improvement2

This is an engagement issue. When we expect quick, large accomplishments we are waiting for the world to engage us.  Instead, we need to engage the world by setting goals, working the action steps required to accomplish each step, and continuously seeking areas in which we are mediocre so that we can improve.

When we expect overnight success we ignore the fact that those who achieve at high levels have done so by working hard and staying focused for a long time.  More to the point, they didn’t just focus on the over-arching accomplishment. They stated what they wanted to do, identified how they needed to improve, and then focused on improving each area in smaller steps.  By focusing on less they were able to improve more.

I challenge you…

Ask yourself you honestly want to be in three months. What does that look like? Select no more than three areas in which you need to improve.  Then plan how you will get there by breaking the time frame into measurable steps.

Create a daily plan that includes small steps to take every day. Run a little farther. Replace one bad snack with a healthy one. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Reflect for 15 minutes each morning. Read an extra 15 minutes. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Take the time to journal. Get the idea?  This allows you to track how you are doing through the process of getting better rather than measuring how you did at the end.  What good is it to fail because you didn’t realize what you needed to do to succeed?

Focus on staying true to the plan. I am talking about laser-like focus.  Continuing to do the small actions every day is what builds a habit.  Each small victory builds momentum and eventually an unstoppable movement towards achieving your goal. Say no to everything that tries to distract you.  If it doesn’t help you achieve your goal, it is a distraction. Saying no more allows you to stay focused and say yes to success. Do this and you will achieve your goal.

continuous improvement

Remember, it’s about you engaging the world around you rather than waiting to be engaged.  There are many people who go through life in a mediocre way. They even say and think one of the worst phrases ever…”good enough”. Don’t be good enough.  Be better. That is something you won’t regret. That is something that is engaging. That is how you continuously improve.

Add to the conversation. Did I miss something? How are you getting better every day?

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