Slowing Down Time

We often talk about how fast time has gone by…especially as we get older. How many students or parents can relate to that? How many leaders can relate to that?

In The Power of Moments, Chip Heath and Dan Heath argue that time seems to accelerate the more routine our life becomes. Think about that statement and compare how fast your life is going by you. If each year seems to move faster than the last, it begs the question: What are you doing to slow down time? Consider this:

  • Are you growing or going through the motions?
  • When is the last time you tried something new and out of the normal routine?
  • What and how long ago was the last good memory you made?

Remember that vacation that seemed to last forever? It stayed that way until the end, when the novelty wore off and moving about doing what we wanted when we wanted became the norm rather than the exception. What about that new relationship? Remember when every moment with that person seemed to last forever? Then it became business as usual to have that person around and the days began to stream together as it became part of the routine.

I am not saying change for the sake of changing. Rather, I am saying relish what you have. Notice all the special aspects of your life and highlight them. Be present instead of on autopilot. Do this and experiences will be richer, relationships more meaningful, and the time that seems to slip away…longer.

Finally, a quote from the book to ponder. “We feel most comfortable when things are certain, but we feel most alive when they are not.” So, how comfortable do you feel? How alive are you?

Take a chance. Let me know how you are going to change from the mundane to the new and from auto pilot to fully present.

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