What Did You Hear?

We don’t understand what we have said until we know and understand what the other person heard. It’s often difficulty for us to realize or act on, but ultimately, communication is the responsibility of the person who is either delivering the message or asking the question.

Three steps that are important to ensure what we are saying is being understood are:


Be direct with what you are saying or asking. The more clear the message; the better chance it has of being understood.


If someone isn’t clear (or not answering your question) it is up to you to make sure the conversation stays on track and that your message is heard or your questions are answered.

Follow up

Make sure people understand by simply asking the question. I always thought that it would be tedious to communicate with people who spoke a different language because I am always asking; “do you understand?” When I reflect though, I take the perspective of it being the most important part of the conversation. I helps us not assume, but instead know if our message has gotten across.

I quickly address the importance of each in the video below. Check it out!+

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