3 Ways Its All About Habits

We all have habits. Some of them are good and well, others are…not so much. We realize this, but often don’t stop to think about how we create and break habits by replacing them with another. Unfortunately, this happens more with losing our good habits because we have picked up a bad one. Clearly we need to recognize this before we act, but once we have, here are three steps to help you form the good and get rid of the bad.

Start Right Now

No matter how small the step, take it immediately. Don’t fall victim to the false promises of starting tomorrow or after the upcoming weekend. You do not need a milestone in time to start, you just need to start. Think about how many people wait until the New Year to make a change or create a habit. Now think about how many of those people stay with it long term.

Tell Someone

Accountability is a key part to succeeding at creating habits. Everyone likes the feeling they get from accomplishing something. This is often driven by not wanting to feel as if we have failed. Once we tell someone what we are going to do we create the situation where we are responsible for doing what we have said or explaining why we failed. If we want to make this feeling even stronger, just share it with more than one person.

Make and Appointment With Yourself

We often get so busy that we forget to take care of or stay true to personal goals. We make appointments for everything from repairs to the dentist. This ensures that nothing else gets in the way of what we need to get done. Want to build a habit or focus on getting something done? Make an appointment with yourself to complete what matters to you. Put it in your schedule and honor that time no matter what it is for.

The important thing to remember is that we gain habits by pushing out others; bad or good and whether or not we want to. Make sure to reflect on your habits to ensure they are all good for you. If they aren’t, follow the three steps to improve them.

My challenge to you: Leave a comment about what steps you are taking to break a bad habit by replacing it with a good one. Even better; challenge someone else by sharing this post. Take the time to watch the video below, offer your opinion, and if you found it valuable, consider subscribing.

Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways Its All About Habits

  1. Denise Jones-Gagne

    Very timely message. I put things in my calendar, where I’m less apt to bump them for something else. I got away from that, but thanks for the reminder, because now I’m back on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear! I am currently listening to a book about quieting your mind and came away with a good thought this morning. All trends and habits are broken from time to time. Its the course of nature. The important thing is to not wallow in the break, but begin them again the day that you realize you have broken them.

      Thanks for the comment. Be well and good luck with the calendar!


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