Create Your Pyramid

How often do we get overwhelmed with all of the events occurring in our lives? Typically, they are negatives and we do our best to deal with increased levels of stress and anxiety. In the video message below I introduce a concept that helps deal with this feeling by recognizing how much control we have over various events and yes, people that we run in to.

If you look at control as a pyramid broken into three levels it is easier to illustrate an important fact. The more we try to control things out of our control, the less we are able to release and the less we release; the less control we actually have.

The top of the pyramid is what we actually have control over in our lives.
The middle section (a little larger) is what we can influence).
The largest section at the bottom is what we have to release.

I will go into the idea of the pyramid in more depth with some examples in the following weeks, but the important aspect realize now is that a pyramid can’t stand upside down. The more you try to control more than you release in life the less you actually have which in turn throws everything else you try to do out of balance.

I would love to hear some examples of how this has played out for you because recognizing the issue is the first step to fixing it. The challenge is to actually take steps to get back in balance by letting go. Watch the video and let me know how it works out.

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