Podcast Appearances

The Guiding Principals Podcast – Guest

Host – Robert Breyer – The Guiding Principals Podcast focuses on the work of visionary educational leaders, in an effort to leave all listeners inspired and imparting upon them fresh new ideas and strategies, as they continue to expand their own leadership toolbox.

Success is Not a Destination

Burned In Teacher – Guest

Host Amber Harper – One part burnout and all other parts action, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with burnout.

Dr. Chris Jones Advises Us to Align What We Spend Our Time On with Our Values

Get Empowered, Supported, and Engaged with Dr. Chris Jones

Transformative Principal – Guest

Host Jethro Jones – Each week, Jethro Jones interviews a principal or educational leader who is making a real difference in the life of his or her students. I interview them to learn how to be the best principal that I can be. I hope they help you learn how to improve as well.

Supporting, Engaging, and Empowering your Staff with Christopher Jones, Transformative Principal

Better Leaders Better Schools – Guest

Host Daniel Bauer – The BLBS podcast is created for ruckus makers. What exactly is a ruckus maker? Someone who has found freedom from the status quo. Someone who creates change. Someone who never, ever gives up. Listen to this category-defining podcast in education to level up your leadership skills. Lead with confidence. Lead authentically. Lead by serving your community. Each week Daniel has a conversation with a leadership expert and invites you to the table. Turn your commute (or chores) into professional development and then go make a ruckus!

Success is a Process Not a Destination