What Are You Focused On?

How often do we approach something in life where we are worried more about not failing than succeeding? We are very good at achieving what we focus on in life. Unfortunately, that focus is usually in the form of concern or worry about failure; so we get exactly that. Instead, try these three things…and then watch the video for a more general message about this topic.

  • Play offense instead of defense. Don’t hold back thinking that if you just go after your goal a little you will be safe from a large failure. It has to do with a concern about only dealing with a little instead of a lot of embarrassment.
  • Stay positive from start to finish. Our outcome is often decided before we start because of our state of mind. You know those people who find everything that could go wrong instead of focusing on what can be done right. They stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking chances on yourself, and reaching new heights.Don’t be that person! Yes, pay attention to what can go wrong, but believe you can push past and achieve your goal.
  • Dust yourself off and keep trying. Don’t let setbacks or early failures stop your progress. Instead, learn from them and use them to get right back on track with an increased sense of understanding. Don’t be embarrassed by failure. Everyone fails at something. Be different than most by accepting, learning from, and improving from the experience. Don’t be comfortable with failure, but don’t let it stop you. Let it teach you how to be better.

The important thing to remember is that we have to master our own feelings and self talk if we are going to achieve the highest level of success possible for ourselves. If we are negative and focus on having fell short than we will continue to play safe and internalize the embarrassment. If we are positive and accept that we may have not hit our goal, but we tried, learned, and still working toward it, then we will eventually succeed.

I know what I would rather focus on. How about you?

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