Mind Your Thoughts; They Become Your Actions

How many times have we complained that our day is ruined because of one or two events? Think of the times we have said “I’m bad at math” because we have to work hard at it or failed a few assessments. What about when we wake up late and then in our rush to make up time we forget something we need or make even more mistakes as a result of us trying to go too fast. That usually results in an exclamation of; “I’m having a bad day!”

The truth is we shape our day and future by how we frame all of these daily occurrences. No matter the circumstance, we have a choice. While we sometimes have no control over what happens to us, we always can decide to respond rather than react and as a result; change our perception and the outcome of the event. Quite often the choice, once simplified, is that we can either move forward toward the positive or stay behind in negativity.

If we stay negative we close ourselves off to the possibility of positive experiences. Even worse, it makes our personal outcomes dependent upon other people or circumstances instead of allowing us to decide our path.

If we stay positive we leave ourselves open to the possibility of better things happening to us, appreciating all the good there is in our life, and not getting dragged down by reliving the negative event. We need to remember to treat events as they are: a single piece of the larger picture. It’s our decision which pieces we keep and what that final picture becomes.

Just remember… the next time something bad happens to you, stop and think; how fascinating that something bad would happen on an otherwise awesome day!

I talk more about this in the video below. Take some time, watch, and let me know your thoughts. If you find value, don’t forget to share of offer feedback!