This last video in my Personal Pyramid Series deals with our innate desire to place judgement on what we see or experience. Our ability to release the things that weigh us down by causing us to bring negativity into our lives is directly related to to whether or not we place a positive or negative oriented judgement on the current situation.

In the end, judgement is ownership at some level. When we judge various situations we personalize whatever is happening. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t feel the need to judge. Once it is personalized we feel as if their is some aspect of control or influence that can be exercised. When something is personal we react with the feelings it causes. As a result, we feel as if the event is in our control due to how close it is to our being or set of beliefs. This, in turn, creates a situation where we absorb the positive or negative feelings produced by whatever current issue being experienced. For example, if something occurs that we see as contrary to our belief system we feel the need to judge (that’s wrong) and then change or control (it needs to work or act this way) the situation or person. In doing so, we absorb the negative aspects of our initial feelings and act outside of our ability to control the situation. On the other hand, if something we agree with occurs we automatically absorb the good feeling and forget about controlling it because we are going along.

Instead, if we choose to take a pause and examine issues objectively, whether they are positive or negative, our ability to rationally determine if we can exercise control increases. Once that occurs there is a greater chance of us releasing those things we can’t control. When a person does something we don’t like it is far more productive to realize we cannot control the person. We may be able to influence their behavior through other means, but the attempt to control is often met with resistance. Realizing the control actually comes in the form of our own response allows us to depersonalize and focus on the more effective strategies. This allows us to increase our influence and control where control is actually possible; creating a more positive, productive, and successful existence day to day.

More is explained in the five minute video below. I would love to hear any advice or comments on any one of the posts or videos in the Personal Pyramid Series here or on my YouTube page. let me know how you operate within the pyramid!