Model Your Legacy

Legacy is a word that people often use, but usually focused on the outcome rather than the process it takes to get there. The issue with this is two-fold.

First, it often gives the illusion that success isn’t as much about hard work and perseverance as it is about luck and quick fixes. Second, it misses the fact that more people are often affected by our individual daily actions than one large success or failure.

In the end, our legacy is formed by the perspective we use to get there and how we consistently act. People learn from what we model (the process) rather than what we achieve (the outcome). I give a brief example in the short video below, but want to also include a challenge.

Take away the outcome you desire for others. Examine your own actions. What are you modeling for those around you? Are you asking them to do things or act in ways that you don’t? Select one action or behavior and work to improve it. This will work even better if you tell someone you are working on it so they can keep you accountable. Remember, it’s all about the process. Make it work for you.

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