Detox to be Present

Being present is one of the most beneficial things we can do for both ourselves and those who surround us. But how often do we forgo focusing on what we should be doing to achieve our goals, have a better experience, or give the attention those close to us deserve? The answer, with just some quick daily observations is too often.

The single largest distraction in our lives is our phone. All the buzzes, notification icons, and sounds constantly remind us that we may be missing something better than our current existence. They are tiny computers that are designed to give us a quick high and keep us coming back to see who has likes or has completed what challenge.

What if instead, we focused on how we can make our current experience better by actually being present and creating a valuable interaction or increased focus on tasks that arise? I’ll tell you what. We would be more successful, create more meaningful relationships, and realize more opportunities and interests in our lives.

This can’t be done all at once which is why I am doing a quick series to help you go from being completely attached to your phone to walking away from it for longer periods of time. What happens then is that you will realize how much better life is away from the distraction. That’s something you can’t understand until it is experienced on a consistent basis because it will be hard and a little scary at first. What I’m talking about is a challenge to implement digital detoxes.

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