3 Ways to Leave Them Better

How many times do we participate in a conversation where we aren’t really present? As the person speaks to us we are waiting to talk or drifting off to our to-do list all the while trying to appear as if we are paying close attention. Not only is this disrespectful, but often leaves the person feeling less valuable for having interacted with us.

We must strive to be respectful and always leave people feeling more valuable after speaking with us. Three ways to do this are:

Be present in the moment.

Don’t wait to speak or use the time as an opportunity to be the only one to gain from the interaction. Recognize the moment for what it is; no more and no less. Doing so will enable you to see the bigger picture.

Understand that everyone has value to add.

Whether we agree with, idolize, or look down on the person we are talking to; it is important to realize that there is something we can learn if we keep an open mind. I know I have often learned just as much from a person by seeing what I didn’t want to do, be, or how I wanted to act. No matter the dynamic, there is value to be had.

Be grateful for the interaction.

Our time is valuable. We should be grateful when someone believes we are valuable enough to spend their time on us. Do not squander it because of a disagreement or by letting your mind wander. Instead, focus, be present, and be grateful for the opportunity. After all, isn’t that what you would want from a person you decided to spend your time with?

I explain this more in the video below. It’s a little long (6 minutes), but I believe worth your time. Let me know!