Focus, Obsess, and Succeed

Here is another one from the past with another great message. This time it is about what we choose to focus on and how to plan each day to get the most out of our time. It isn’t easy. I struggle to stay on track just as much, if not more, than the next person. So, enough of why it is here and on to the actual post.

I recently finished reading a book by Morten Hanson titled Great at Work. It offers various strategies to help improve performance in the workplace. One of the central messages was the idea of doing less and then obsessing over those fewer things.

I found that this was very applicable to everyone in every aspect of their lives. We all over schedule at some point in our lives and find that we become stressed out and overwhelmed while not accomplishing that for which we strive. This only gets exacerbated when we schedule our weekends with work instead of things (relaxing, family, hobbies, etc.) that keep us recharged. It creates a situation that makes us lose sight of the larger picture.

A way to correct this (or at least begin making it better) is to cut the extra things out of our schedule and focus on the few important goals we have in life. This takes planning, courage to stick with our priorities, and reflection.

Below in the video you will find a short reflection on this topic and a challenge to get us all started on doing less and then obsessing. Thanks for taking the time to read and watch. I honestly appreciate it! If you found any value in this post, please take a moment now and hit subscribe (YouTube as well) and leave an honest review or comment. Don’t forget to also share with others if you think they will find value in it