3 Ways to Help Others Improve

I write and talk a lot about improving ourselves so that we may reach higher levels of success than we thought possible. However, I do not mention frequently enough an often overlooked aspect of improving ourselves; the act of helping others improve.

As teachers, parents, leaders, and even friends we often have the opportunity to help others improve. While some of us see this as our job (or responsibility), I would like to encourage everyone to see it more as a moral imperative that we all work to help support and improve others around us. If we do, we will notice the byproduct is that we ourselves become better. It’s about believing in an existence of abundance rather than scarcity. Three ways to do this are as follows:

Understand who the person is that you are trying to help as an individual.

  • Realize that their definition of success may differ from yours. Accept them for who and where they are in the present; not who they used to be or what they want to be in the future.

Highlight and make use of people’s strengths.

  • All too often we focus on where people are lacking rather than all the good they offer. If you really want to help someone start by focusing on their strengths and how they can be utilized to address any shortcomings. This keeps the overall experience positive rather than negative.

Don’t let them sell themselves short by quitting early.

  • The road to success is filled with difficulty and failure. The key is to not quit. How often has a hard task seemed easier or you have done more than you thought possible because of someone’s support? Be that person for someone else. Help others go further than they thought they could.

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