3 Ways to Make an Idea Successful!

We all have ideas and some of those ideas even become goals. But what gets them all the way to actual success? The obvious answer is action, but that is much easier to talk about instead of actually doing. I suggest following the three steps of doing something now, scheduling to keep consistency, and getting an accountability group to turn your ideas into reality.

Do Something Now: Take the first step no matter how small it seems. The longer a person waits or procrastinates, the less chance they ever have of starting. How many people do you know that start thinking about their New Year’s resolution in December and then wait until January 1st to start; only to stop in February? That’s why small, consistent steps are more successful than grand gestures.

Schedule to Keep Consistency: Whatever it takes, find a way to schedule and check yourself for consistency. Maybe a paper planner, sticky notes on your desk, or an electronic app works for you. We are all individuals so you cannot follow others on this one. Any accountability system only works as well as you use it. That’s why you need support.

Get an Accountability Group: Find a group of people who will call you out when you are not acting in accordance with your stated beliefs, values, or goals. Some people may consider themselves your good friends if they keep you feeling good by never questioning your actions or progress. In reality, they are letting you down. Find and hang out with a group of people that will keep you on track when you stray. It may ruffle your feathers a little when they do it, but their value and caring will be immeasurable when you have successfully reached your goals by turning your ideas into action.

In the video below I continue to explain these steps, offer a strategy or two, and issue a challenge. Don’t just ignore it like we often tend to do, but instead take the challenge and share with me what happened either here or on social media at @DrCSJones. I would love to hear your results!