Be Present to Learn

This post is a little older and as a result you will notice less facial hair as well as dated references. What’s important though is the message about being present and learning from the moment you are in at the time. So, without further delay…

This weekend found me at another soccer game for my son and as they were warming up I began to reflect on the quote by Brian Herbert that says:

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

This quote means so much because if everyone stopped to realize the power in knowledge, there would be an active seeking out rather than a passive “it will come to me” mindset. We are all faced with learning opportunities each day and it isn’t a question of our ability to learn but instead our ability to slow down and recognize the opportunity itself.

Below in the video you will find a short reflection on our ability to continuously learn if we stay open to the opportunity. I explain how I continue to learn by interacting with people who I have attempted to teach. I broaden this to the idea we all have the chance to do this, no matter our position, if we stay open and present.

I invite you to take the challenge in the video of reflecting on what can be learned in a routine interaction and then enter the situation ready and willing to do just that.

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